DWS Consulting has been helping small businesses with their Information Technology needs since 2004.

Turnkey blogging solutions

DWS Consulting Inc. is now offering a turnkey blogging solution for your business or personal brand.

Setting up a blog can be confusing but we can help make it simple.  We will setup web hosting, purchase a domain name, setup the WordPress blogging software and update the software as needed, install a blog template and even update your blog with the information that you send to us in an email.  We can even help by checking the information you send us for spelling and grammatical correctness.

Any content, sales offers, company announcements or other information that you want to share with your customers will be updated by our staff.  We also offer different service levels so that the information that you send to us can be updated monthly, weekly, daily or within the same day that you send it to us.  Some restrictions apply but we can workout an update schedule that fits your needs to make sure that your blog gets updated in a timely manner.

Contact us today to discuss how DWS Consulting Inc. can help your business reach more people with a minimum amount of your time.  Also ask us about our turnkey social media solutions where we will setup your company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media websites that will help make your business grow.