Websites & blogs

Is your business or hobby on the Internet?  Do you have a website?  Do you have a simple but far reaching way to share your accomplishments or testimonials with your clients?  Do you want the biggest bang for each advertising dollar spent?

Let DWS Consulting Inc. setup a website that showcases your business or hobby today.

In our current dog eat dog world, every business needs to take advantage of every type of advertising and the Internet has opened up a new world of possibilities.

Many companies still use the phone book or word of mouth to advertise their business which is effective but no where near as far reaching as a website.  Not having a website leaves an enormous potential client base that your competitors may be using, which could be causing you to miss out on business opportunities.

The internet and search engines are being used to draw customers to your competitors businesses more than ever before and not having a website leaves many of those opportunities on the table.  Having a simple one page website will at least allow customers to find you.

We can help bring your business to the Internet with a single page advertising website or a multiple page website that explains your services in detail including an interactive blog allowing you to easily communicate with your customers. We use state of the art Studiopress Genesis and Headway frameworks for our websites and blogs.

If you work hard and have something good to share let DWS Consulting Inc get you or your business on the Internet today.